Terms & conditions

Participation in the DCS system is voluntary, it can be very rewarding for all those wishing to benefit from it. Before you enjoy the full benefits of your account please read the terms and conditions. Agreeing to the terms and conditions is constituting a legally binding contract between a DCS partner and "Walen Education Co. Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as a "Walen" or "the Company"). Walen is an association of partners acting on the basic principle of direct sales of educational services.

If any of the terms and condition listed below are unobserved measures maybe applied as established below, which include unilateral cancellation of the contract without any compensation.

  1. After agreeing to the present contract a DCS partner becomes an independent, non-exclusive agent providing sales of educational services of Walen. The main task of DCS partners is the sale of educational services by way of searching for new students. The DCS partner has the right to recruit new DCS partners and undertakes the task of training them so that they, in turn, can become DCS partners of the Company as well.

  2. To become a Walen DCS partner no investments are required. The DCS partner is only required to buy a course of study qualifying for the DCS program with the Walen, content and price of which is determined by the Company and may be subject to change to reflect current market conditions.

  3. The DCS partner will receive commissions in accordance with the Marketing Plan which anticipates commissions based on his performance and that of his/her DCS partner's group. The scale of commissions is indicated in the personal DCS account of every partner. The Marketing Plan may be subject to a change in order to reflect current market conditions.

  4. If the DCS partner fails to fulfill the established Walen conditions for purchase of the educational services for the following year he/she will not be able to claim commissions from his group for the time after his expiration of the DCS account. This is called "degrade". His/her Contract shall be cancelled and the entire group together with the prospective students will be assigned to his/her senior partner.

  5. The main task of the DCS partner is the sale of the Walen educational services by way of searching for end consumers.

  6. The DCS partner pledges to expand the network of junior partners under his supervision, make training available to newly recruited partners, and demonstrate the best way of presenting and delivering educational services to end consumers. Therefore, the DCS partner undertakes the responsibility of being in continuous contact with his newly recruited partners and providing them adequate training and assistance in developing their commercial activities.

  7. The DCS partner pledges to keep any information relating to the Company, that is irrelevant to the commercial activities of partners, confidential including commercial secrets of Walen and also prevent distribution of information that could harm the business reputation of the Company.

  8. The Company and the DCS partner may cancel the Contract unilaterally. In case of cancellation of the Contract by the DCS partner's initiative, he/she is released from any contractual liabilities to the Company relating to the Marketing Plan, he/she shall forfeit the right to recruit new partners and, therefore, to commission payments. His group shall be entirely transferred to his/her senior partner without the right to reinstatement. The DCS partner, having terminated the contract or whose contract has been terminated by decision of the Company, shall have the right to sign a new contract 1 (one) year after the date of cancellation. Cancellation of the contract only for the purpose of replacing the senior partner is forbidden. The date of cancellation of the contract is the date when the Company makes a decision on his issue.

  9. The present contract is valid within 1 (one) year from the date of payment of the tuition fee. Upon expiration of the contract the present contract shall be extended continually every year for another year as long as the stipulated tuition fees for the next year are paid before the expiration of the current contract.

  10. The Distributor shall bear sole responsibility for management expenses of his commercial activity as well as his tax and social benefits obligations. Neither can the Company nor its representatives under any circumstances be responsible for a DCS partner's adherence to tax legislation nor for his adequate accounting and payment of taxes and fees on commissions earned or any other payments made to the partner. Where required by the law Walen will withhold relevant taxes.

  11. The Distributor affirms that he is familiar with the Marketing Plan and understands the principles of its activity. He acknowledges that no one declared that he could gain revenues, guarantees or derive any other benefit from his commercial activity with Walen without any effort, and declares that upon becoming a DCS partner he/she does not base his/her hopes on such desires. The partner is fully conscious that his/her success depends on his/her abilities and real efforts and he/she shall not gain any other commissions except as stipulated by Walen commission plan, which is subject to revision by decision of the Company to reflect current market conditions.

  12. The Distributor is informed and accepts that the Company may vary terms and conditions of the present contract, as well as the commercial principles and marketing plan. The Distributor shall act in compliance with the new terms and conditions. Any amendments shall become effective 30 (thirty) days after notification by the Company's representatives.

  13. During the validity of the present contract, the partner is obliged to refrain from any personal activity which could rival his commercial activity with Walen as stipulated by the present contract, in particular advertising and distributing products which may be competitors of Walen products, as well as acting as a Distributor of other companies applying methods of distribution of products and/or services through multilevel network marketing and direct sales in their work. The partner shall not perform any illegal commercial activities or abuse such activities. Violation by the partner of the obligations set forth in the present item shall be deemed grounds for the unconditional cancellation of the Contract by the initiative of the Company.

  14. Partners are required to treat other partners with curtesy and apply good manners in dealing with each other. Offensive behavior will not be tolerated and the contracts of such partners will be cancelled.

  15. Walen school provides all partners the use of the DCS website, the features of the website are to be used to promote the commercial activities of the partners. Misuse of the website, such as sending spam messages, gathering information about other members with the intent of contacting partners regarding other businesses that are competing or are similar in nature with the Walen is strictly forbidden.

  16. The DCS candidate confirms that the money spent on the tuition fee will not cause financial hardship to him/her or his/her family.

  17. The DCS candidate after agreeing to the terms and conditions understands that his fees will not be refunded and that a part of his fees will constitute commission payment to his/her partners from senior generations.

  18. The partner acknowledges that he has read and fully understood the terms and conditions of the present Contract and agrees with its content.